Good Thing Gas Prices Are Down

I have many great repeat clients and two of them have called me within the past week to help them in locations other than Santa Clara County.  I suggested to each of them that they may want to use a Realtor who is located closer than I am to their property sale or purchase, but both sets of clients insisted on working with me.  And who am I to refuse?!  Not only do I know that I can do a “way beyond expectations” job for them by doing a lot of research up front along with the excellent service I always offer, but I also get to spend time with some wonderful people and help them achieve their real estate goals.

The first call came from some previous clients who asked me to do our sixth transaction together.  They’d like me to sell some investment property they have in Santa Cruz.  I sold this home to them several years ago.

front-facade.jpg  They now have some very fortunate tenants living there from UCSC who are lucky enough to live in a beautifully remodeled home with a lovely backyard.  This home has a wonderful floorplan with 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms.  The choices in colors and finishes are incredible.  Look for it on MLS sometime early next week.

So yesterday I had lunch at Cafe Sparrow in Aptos (so delicious!) with the Santa Cruz clients.  Life is good.  Then today, I trek off to Los Banos with my investment buying clients.  Life is still good.  I hadn’t been to Los Banos in a while and it has grown into quite a city.  Many new businesses and nice housing developments.

My clients and I both did a lot of research on the city regarding investment property prior to our house tour today.  I talked with several people who gave me first-hand accounts on the excellent rental market in Los Banos.  My clients and I saw 10 homes today that met their criteria:  5 years or newer, 4 bedrooms, and priced under $150,000.  Homes meeting the age and bedroom criteria in 2005 would have been selling in the $400,000s.  We found some homes that may fit the bill for my clients.  We’ll see how the REO negotiations go….


Most of the homes we saw in Los Banos were bank-owned homes and, although this home pictured above was also bank-owned, most of them had dead grass in the front yard, and no landscaping at all in the back yard.  And most appeared to be in good condition, with a few exceptions.

Obviously, I travel far and wide for my clients.  If you need help anywhere in the Bay Area, I can help you with advice, with agent referrals or with my very own expertise!