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Gilroy is the southernmost city of Santa Clara County. Gilroy has the honor to be known as The Garlic Capital of the World and there is an annual weekend-long Garlic Festival celebrating the stinking rose that draws in over 80,000 visitors.

Gilroy is named after a Scottish sailor named John Gilroy. He was left ashore in Monterey because he either had scurvy or he had jumped ship, it is unknown. John spent a lot of time traveling from Spanish mission to mission. He eventually converted to Catholicism, married a girl of Mexican decent and became magistrate of the village which was officially named Gilroy in 1870.

Today the biggest source of income in Gilroy is farming and food processing. Many workers commute north to San Jose and environs. Gilroy is home to the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear County Park and Henry Coe State Park.

Real Estate Statistics

Median Listing Price:
Median Closing Price:
Price per Square Foot:
Average Days On Market:
List Price/Sale Price:
Average Rent:
51,700 (2013)
$750,000 (2017)
$770,000 (2017)
$357.00 (2017)
22 (2017)
$103% (2017)
$2,200 (2017)

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